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Branded Content

Tastemade. Feels Like Home 2018. A series of branded content videos produced by Tastemade for Coca Cola.

The series was well received with more than 10 million views on digital platforms.

Brothers in Brass.JPG

Brothers In Brass - In the center of New Orleans, Stafford has found home in his passion for music, and sharing that passion with others. Whether it is by teaching young musicians, or by playing with his band, music has given him a deep sense of purpose and a way to form meaningful connections with others.  

At Home On the River.JPG

At Home on the River - Chad Brown has fostered a deep bond between youth and veterans through his organization, Soul River Inc. His fly fishing trips not only help the youth learn lessons from nature, but create a family-like sense of trust and belonging

A New Family Circle.JPG

A New Family Circle - For Erin, the Brazilian art of Capoeira is more than a means of expression, but an extended family. Within her tightly bound group, there is a strong exchange of energy and a sense of comfort that can only be described as a feeling of home.

Canada Cooks. Blue Ant Media 2017 

Food tastes better when you eat it with your family— catch Rick and Angie Campanelli as they visit some new friends to see what meal time means in their home.

Kitchen Stories, Syrian Food RNR Docs 2016

Jan O'Hearn has 30+ years experience working in restaurants and lived in the Middle East for over a year, which led her to the sponsorship of a Syrian family back home in Toronto. Matched with a family of five from Damascus, Syria, combined with a passion for Syrian culture and food, Jan found herself at Newcomer Kitchen. Newcomer Kitchen, a kitchen space and social environment for government-sponsored refugees, brings women together once a week to cook, share recipes, and create lasting bonds.

Respect Your Ingredients. Blue Ant Media 2016 

When Chef Alida Solomon opened her award-winning restaurant Tutti Matti, in 2002, many Toronto diners expected the tomato-based pizzas and pastas they thought of as Italian. Instead, she serves seasonal Tuscan cuisine—simple, hearty dishes from central Italy. No pizza (it hails from Naples via New York), no chicken, and, except in late summer, no tomatoes.

Respect Your Ingredients. Blue Ant Media 2016 

John Bil is an oysterman. He’s worked oyster farms and oyster bars and holds three national speed-shucking championships. He’s been a seafood wholesaler and a restaurant fixer. Honest Weight is Bil’s current venture, a restaurant and fish shop in the west end of Toronto.

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